Giving Voice to Poverty In Oregon

Donate today to reduce the stigma of poverty. Your support will improve services and outcomes for Oregonians experiencing poverty.

Poverty hurts our economy, our communities, and the hundreds of thousands of Oregonians experiencing it at this very moment. The Giving Voice to Poverty in Oregon Video Project is designed to change that.

Most Oregonians experiencing poverty are not openly sharing their stories of need in line at the grocery store, with their fellow coworkers, in their places of worship, or even among their neighbors and friends.

It is not something people feel comfortable sharing for various reasons, including shame and judgment about their situations. Did you know that poverty is one of the most negative prejudices that exists? This compounds the barriers to understanding and addressing poverty.

That is where the Giving Voice to Poverty in Oregon Video Project come in!

At CoActive Connections we educate Oregonians with poverty awareness training. The purpose of our training is to decrease the stigma of poverty, and catalyze improvements in services and outcomes for people experiencing poverty.

The Giving Voice to Oregon Poverty Video Project will humanize poverty by showing you real faces and voices of people sharing their personal poverty experiences from across our state.

Research shows that hearing real stories reduces the judgment and stigma associated with it, and we have seen this firsthand. We share real stories and videoclips we put together ourselves of people experiencing poverty. Participants tell us how those stories are some of the most impactful parts of our training. However, our equipment and talent for videography leaves much room for improvement. Regardless, the message is still loud and clear: Stories make an impact.

We are partnering with Sealegs Media, a local and professional video company, to travel across the state collecting stories about poverty to use in our training. They are putting together a professional video so that each individual’s and family’s story is heard loud and clear.

The hundreds of thousands of Oregonians experiencing poverty at this very moment need changes in policies and services to more effectively address the current need. Our project will contribute greatly to inform Oregon stakeholders to catalyze those changes, and improve the way training participants interact with people experiencing poverty.

By supporting this project, you can know that positive changes are coming for Oregon - not only for the person standing next to you in line, but for the liveability and potential of our state. Contributing toward the prosperity of those in need contributes to the prosperity of all Oregonians.  

Support the Giving Voice to Poverty in Oregon Video Project today. We all deserve to be heard. Give Oregonians a chance to speak, listen and take action!

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